As you are certainly aware of, the conception is only possivle during the fertile window. This is the time frame from two days before the ovulation till 12 hours after the ovulation.

If your menstrual cycle is more or less regular, calendar apps are a great way to track your cycle and forecast the next fertile windows. Because this is the time when your husband better avoids going on a five days business trip away from home.

The apps are free and do not distirub with exaggerate ads or other more disturbing than useful functions. We recommend using one of these apps:

Apps for iOS (Apple iPhone or iPad)


Glow is a free App in the Apple Appstore. It calls itself produly the world´s best ovulation calendar and fertility comparison“. Let´s see what Glow offers.

After downloading and installing the free app, you will have a purple „G“ sign for the app on your screen. When opening up the app for the first time, you are asked if you want to allow Glow to send you messages. You then also learn that Glow offers you general health information plus a Glow community. Of course, both functions are optional.

Then there are four options, i.e. Avoiding pregnancy and Getting pregnant.

You can monitor your intake of prenatal vitamins, log your health in great detail (how did I feel, did I have any sleep problems etc.) or enter an appointment. To save your data, you will need to setup an account. Whether the data is stored on your phone or also on the servers of Glow Inc., is not really clear.

Our short summary: The App is recommended if you like this kind of total monitoring yourself and checking statistics or joining a community. For those seeking just an ovulation calendar, it´s probably too much going on everywhere and you might test some of the simpler, less „powerful“ apps.

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