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7 tipps if you have the desire to have a baby – and it didn´t work yet

Do you feel the desire to have children? And it did not work so far? You were trying to get pregnant without succes? Reproductional biology is extremely complex and sensitive to external factors. It´s not just age, but age definitely matters. It´s also physical, psychological, medical and nutritional factors that play a large role in the process of conceiving and a healthy pregnancy.

Tipp 1) Record menstrual cycle frequency and know your fertile days!

A woman has her fertile days from 3 days before to around 12 – 24 hours after the monthly release of the woman´s egg. There are different classical ways to determine the egg´s release, there are kits that determine the day by measuring the luteinizing hormone and there are Apps that forecast the female cycle including the most probable days for the egg´s release.

The time from three days before the egg´s release until 12 hours after the egg´s release is the „fertile window“. Knowing these days and having sex during these days is essential to becoming pregnant.

Tipp 2) Avoid stress

Stress is a major factor that might decrease your fertility. Your body reacts in many ways to stress. If you want to increase your chances, try reducing stress. Retreat a little bit from work and a little bit of things that keep you too busy. Do more things to relax and have fun. Research suggests that this will increase your chances. This tipp applies equally to men and women.

Tipp 3) Think positive

Thinking positive is the opposite of stress. Positive feelings create a mood that will make conceiving easier.

Tipp 4) Avoid alcohol, nicotine and drugs!

Alcohol and nicotine are legal drugs with many negative consequences on your health. When it comes to the process of male sperm production and women´s egg release, drugs can be very harmful.

Of course, illegal drugs fall into the same category. And it´s also pharmaceuticals where you should be careful and take them only if really needed (and prescribed). In doubt, please consult your physician!

Tipp 5) Do some more sports!

Sports is not only good for your overall fitness, your cardiovascular system and your muscles, it´s also beneficial to the process of conceiving and male sperm production. Even if it´s winter and the wheather is bad: do some more sports than you would normally do.

Tipp 6) Eat healthy and support your daily intake

Much of today´s processed food is high in calories, hidden sugars and white flour, but poor in micro nutrients like vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and natural anti oxidants. General advices of taking five portions of raw fruits and vegetables per day as well as two meals of fish (rich in omega-3 DHA and EPA) are even more important when it comes to male sperm production, conceiving and pregnancy.

a) For women

Whether healthy food can really increase female fertility or not has not been proven. It is probable that the human body reacts with better birth rates on better nutritional status. But because of ethical questions, scientific proof in forms of placebo controlled and double blind studies is hard to get.

But what is proven is that already in the very first days after conception, nutrition is crucial when it comes to the healthy development of the fetus. E.g. there is a clear relationship between spina bifida, a severe problem in the fetal development, and a low folic acid status of the mother at the time right after conception. Other micro nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids DHA & EPA, iron, zinc, b-vitamins etc. are also essential for a healthy development of your child. The mother determines through her diet on how good essential micronutrients are available. This is important from day 1 on until end of lactation.

In order to support the maintenance of a healthy vitamin and omega-3 status, we recommend taking a balanced supplement like amitamin® fertil F. Compare it to other products you know, and you will realise, like so many others: it´s certainly one of the most complete and best products on the market – and not even expensive!

b) For men

Several micro nutrients have a proven beneficial effect on male spermatogenesis. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, eicht in antioxidants, is especially important for the male sperm quality (sperm count, motility, morphology etc.). If you want to offer your body an extra portion of highly concentrated antioxidants, amitamin® fertilsan M might be the blend of your choice.

Tipp 7) Take your time – and act!

None of these tipps is of any value for you unless you act. Start now, today. Start implementing some changes into your routines. Take care of your body and soul.


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